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CaptionViewer - Easy Caption Editor & Slideshow Viewer

Compatible with Windows 7 CaptionViewer can be used to easily add captions to your photos and then view the photos (jpg files), with captions, individually or as slideshows. Captions are embedded into the photo file and stay with your photo forever. Its just like writing on the back of a printed photo, the information is available for everyone to see, including generations to come. CaptionViewer can also display the date and time the photo was taken from the data stored in the photo file by your digital camera.

CaptionViewer Screenshot 1

                                Change settings to display date and time taken with your captions. Change caption font and colour. CaptionViewer Screenshot 2

Right Click Menu Screenshot Right MouseClick on the image in CaptionViewer for direct access to:
* Description and Photographer data screens shown below
* The standard Windows Properties pop-up
* More rotation and mirror options when auto-rotation mode is used
* Open with... for editing in your favourite editor or opening in any compatible program
* Zoom in on image detail with Windows Picture Viewer
* Basic editing with Windows Paint
* Printing of your photo with or without the caption
* Full screen slideshow mode showing captions 

                        If you want to remember more about the photo than the caption can convey add it in the description field.
                        The description field is compatible with Flickr on-line albums and can be read in various other photo software.
                        Tags can be added to aid in searching for for photos based on people, places or any other desired topic.
CaptionViewer Screenshot 3

                       Store your details as the photographer and add copyright and rights usage statements if you intend to share your photos.
CaptionViewer Screenshot 4

                   Print your photos with captions. Captions can be located at various locations and changed in size, font, colour and rotation.
CaptionViewer Screenshot 5

        View your photos in full screen slideshow mode with captions showing.
        Set the caption bar colour, transparency and height. Select between different fade transitions.

CaptionViewer SlideShow Screenshot