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QuickCaptions - Quickly Add Captions to Multiple Photos

Compatible with Windows 7QuickCaptions is a utility program for use with CaptionViewer. It can be used to more quickly add captions to a large number of your photos stored in the one windows folder. QuickCaptions extracts existing photo captions of all photos in the selected folder and places them into a table which allows cutting and pasting of captions, including bulk cut and paste to a spreadsheet such as Excel. If your photo filenames have been used to describe the photo, you can transfer all filenames to the caption field at the press of a button. Captions are embedded into the photo file and stay with your photo forever. Its just like writing on the back of a printed photo, the information is available for everyone to see, including generations to come.

 QuickCaptions Screenshot 1

 QuickCaptions Screenshot 2