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TimeRepairer - Change the Date and Time Taken Stored in a Photo

Compatible with Windows 7TimeRepairer is a utility program for use with CaptionViewer. It can be used to change the date and time taken fields recorded by your camera. If your camera is set to the wrong date & time, if you forget to adjust for daylight savings, or if you forget to change time zones when travelling, TimeRepairer can fix the problem. Change one photo at a time or all photos stored in the one windows folder. For scanned photos that don't have any date & time taken information TimeRepairer can add this information. TimeRepairer extracts existing photo date & time for all photos in the selected folder and places them into a table which allows quick and easy adjustment. Date & time adjustments are embedded into the photo file and stay with your photo forever.

 TimeRepairer Screenshot 1

 TimeRepairer Screenshot 2