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Technical Support License Activation
For technical support first refer to the help screen in the application and our Support page with answers to FAQ's.

If you still cannot resolve the issue contact us at:
For activation of licenses first try online activation by entering your Activation code and pressing the Activation button. If this fails we suggest you first wait 15 minutes and then try again.

If your computer is not connected to the internet or online activation continually fails contact us at:

Your Feedback Volume Licensing
We welcome your feedback telling us about your experiences with our software. What you liked, what could be improved or what features you would like to see in future releases. To provide feedback contact us at:
For corporate and government customers where fifty or more copies of any of our software packages are required volume licensing can be discussed by contacting us at:

Resale Enquiries Promotion
We welcome enquiries from retail outlets and online affiliates regarding resale of our software products. To discuss resale opportunities contact us at:
We would be happy to provide additional information and evaluation copies of our software for magazine and website reviews. For enquiries regarding promotion of our software contact us at:

CaptionsMadeEasy software is produced in Brisbane, Australia. Our time zone is GMT+10. Please contact us with any enquiries via the most appropriate email address above.