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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the CaptionsMadeEasy software products compatible with Windows 7?
CaptionsMadeEasy CaptionSuite which includes CaptionViewer, QuickCaptions, PhotoSorter and TimeRepairer is 'Compatible with Windows® 7'.

Compatible with Windows 7 “Compatible with Windows 7” software:
• Is tested for compatibility and reliability on Windows 7.
• Passed Microsoft designed tests to minimize the possibility of crashes, hangs, and reboots.
• Represents a commitment that the product will continue to work over the life of Windows 7.
• Meets privacy standards set forth by the Anti-Spyware Coalition.
• Installs cleanly and reliably.
• Eliminates unnecessary reboots.
• Ensures compatibility with Windows 7, both 32-bit and 64-bit editions.

What other operating systems are suitable for running CaptionsMadeEasy software?
Our software requires a Microsoft Windows operating system compatible with .NET Framework 4. These operating systems are currently:
Windows 7, Windows Vista with SP1, Windows XP with SP3 and several versions of Windows Server software.
Where it is not installed the .NET Framework 4 software will automatically download and install as part of the program installation for internet connected computers.

What are the hardware requirements for running CaptionsMadeEasy software?
Our software will run on any computer that operates the above listed operating systems. The minimum recommended requirement for CaptionViewer would be a Pentium 1 GHz CPU with 512 MB of RAM. The minimum video resolution for correct display of the CaptionSuite programs is 800x600. Refer to the FAQ below regarding speed of operation when using the utility programs. 

How do hardware specifications effect speed of operation when working with large numbers of photos?
The speed of opening, editing and saving large numbers of photos is dictated by the hardware specification of your computer. QuickCaptions, PhotoSorter and TimeRepairer extract data from all photos in a selected folder and insert it into a table for editing. Where large numbers of photos are located in a single directory the process of extracting and saving of data will take longer on lower specification computers. As an example of expected speed of extracting data for a large number of photos in one folder:
- P4 2.0GHz with 1GB RAM running Windows XP SP3 extracts data from 1,000 photos in approximately 10 minutes
- i7 3.2GHz with 3GB RAM running Windows 7 SP1 extracts data from 1,000 photos in approximately 2.5 minutes

Where is the caption information stored?
Captions are stored in the photo file metadata, an area of the file that is also used by digital cameras to store the date & time taken and other information about your camera. Captions can be viewed and also edited in the Details tab of your photo file's Property box accessed by right clicking the file in Windows Explorer and selecting Properties then Details. Numerous photo editing programs and some web based photo album sites can also display these captions.

What type of photo files does the CaptionsMadeEasy software work with?
All CaptionsMadeEasy software works with .jpg files, the most popular format for electronic photo files. Should you have photos in another format there are plenty of image conversion programs available which would allow you to convert and view those photos in our software.

Does saving captions affect my photos?
Most modern digital cameras produce files with 'padding' or space for captions and other information. In such cases captions are added without any re-coding of the file. Some older files or scanned images which do not have padding require re-coding which for some jpg files may result in a slight reduction in quality, but it will not be noticeable. Where possible CaptionViewer adds padding to these files when the first caption is written so that later changes to the caption do not cause re-coding. Some older files may have camera stored data partly scrambled by adding captions. We recommend that important photos are backed up after copying from your camera before adding captions or using any photo editing software.

Why doesn't the 'Automatic rotate for camera orientation' setting change the orientation of some of my photos?
The CaptionsMadeEasy suite of programs use the camera orientation data stored by some cameras when displaying photos. Most modern cameras store orientation data. If your camera provides this data no manual rotation is required, the photos will automatically appear in portrait if taken with your camera turned vertically. The 'Rotate Photo' button is provided in CaptionViewer and QuickCaptions to change the orientation if required. To take advantage of this automatic rotation feature photos should not be manually rotated in programs that do not use the cameras orientation data. This includes Windows Explorer and the standard slideshow and photo viewers included in Windows. Such programs rotate the image rather than changing the orientation data field and in some cases strip orientation data from the photo file.

What are the limitations of the trial version of the CaptionsMadeEasy software?
The trial version gives you access to CaptionViewer running in demonstration mode. Demonstration mode is the default method of CaptionViewer operation without a valid license. In this mode a maximum of 30 photos will be accessible and every 5th photo will display the "Demonstration mode" message. The settings will not be changeable but you are able to add and view photo captions. License the program to remove these limitations.

Technical Support License Activation
For technical support first refer to the help screen in the application and the answers to frequently asked questions above.

If you still cannot resolve the issue contact us at:
For activation of licenses first try online activation by entering your Activation code and pressing the Activation button. If this fails we suggest you first wait 15 minutes and then try again.

If your computer is not connected to the internet or online activation continually fails contact us at: